Our House Mezcalarita

Our House Mezcalarita

Mezcalarita -

If you’re looking for a refreshing margarita cocktail, this Mezcalarita is sweet and slightly toasted with a kick of spice if you like the tajin flavored rim. It’s a fun mezcal cocktail made with fresh fruit juices and a spicy salted rim.

This drink is essentially a margarita with a few fun additions. Instead of standard tequila, this drink uses mezcal, another type of liquor made in Mexico from agave plants.


  • Verde Momento Espadin
  • Lime JuiceFreshly squeezed juice is preferred 
  • Agave -This is the sweetener. You can omit or reduce the amount to make the drink less sweet. You can substitute with simple syrup
  • Tajin - a popular Mexican seasoning


Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake until well chilled, then strain into a glass over fresh ice. 

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If you make our twist of a Mezcalarita, post a picture and tag us at @sagradola 


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